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Sleeping Pads: New Elite Series of Sleeping Pads meets the demands of the Expert or Guide. These pads are the premium collection of pads, and are built to suit the needs of backpackers, campers, voyagers, hunters, paddlers, and explorers travelling on the most grueling, relentless, and demanding expeditions.

Peak Oyl Elite – This TRUE 4 season self inflating sleeping pad is made from Recycled P.E.T fabrics, bermed side rails, no slip grip, Bio Based foam, durable aluminum valve and ASPEN AEROGEL* insulation under the torso. The Peak Oyl Elite provides uncompromising comfort and warmth at a light 27 ounces, and packs down small to 6.5 in x 9.5 in. (R Value 3.5 ~ 8) Designed for Winter and Comfort $114.95 retail (reg) Includes a stuff sack, Vecro™ strap, and repair kit

Ether Elite – This sub 1 pound, 3 season tube pad packs small, carries light, and sleeps like your bed at home. At 2.5 inches thick the Ether Elite is the best choice for the hunter to backpacker who demands comfort, but is counting ounces. Packing down to 3.5 in x 10 in, sub 16 ounces. (R Value 2 ~ 4) Super Ultra Light $74.95 retail (reg) Includes a stuff sack, Vecro™ strap, and repair kit

Hyper Elite & Uber Elite – These two pads are slated to accompany all expeditions to cold places where insulation is a paramount concern. The absolute warmest sleeping pads on the market, incorporating a massive slab of ASPEN AEROGEL* under the torso (and foot of Hyper Elite) these pads seem like you are sleeping on an electric blanket. Closed cell foam comprises the cushion and provides a failsafe, durable pad to sleep on. Although heavy on insulation, these pads still pack light, and carry easily under your pack lid or serve as a pack frame for super light setups. Hyper Elite (19.5 oz) and Uber Elite (14 oz). (R Values 7 and 14) Arctic Ready Uber Elite $74.95 retail (os) Hyper Elite $124.95 retail 

New Peak Oyl Mountain - sleeping pad adds comfort for the 3 season camper, and is suitable for 4 season camping. Peak Oyl Mtn sleeping pads are 1.5 inches thick, and provide a comfortable bed with 4 season warmth. Made with Recycled P.E.T fabrics, bermed side rails, no slip grip, Bio Based foam, a durable aluminum valve. Packs down small at 6 in x 8 in, and carries light at 24 ounces. (R Value 3.5 ~ 5) $89.95 retail (reg) Includes a stuff sack, Vecro™ strap, and repair kit

New Explorer Series - Sleeping Pads are priced right for the budget or first time camper Explorer sleeping pads are durable, lightweight and priced right; a great value for the dealer and the end user. Utilizing a fully bonded construction, similar to our expert level pads, the Explorer sleeping pad meets the expectations and demands of a camper, hunter, or backpacker who is looking for a mat they can depend on. Like all of our pads, the Explorer is prices at a keystone margin for the retailer. 72 in x 20 in 1.0 in. (R Value 3.3 ~ 5) $39.95 retail (reg) Includes 2 Vecro™ straps and a repair kit

New Girls Princess Kids Mat - is pink, and is the perfect pad for her trips to camp. The Princess kids sized sleeping pad has all of the great features of our best selling Kids Mat, but now in PINK!! Great for the young girl off to summer camp, or travelling with Mom and Dad on her first backpacking trip. Light, sized right for a kid, and fully die cut to pack down super small. She can carry it in her pack or it easily disappears in a parents pack. 48in x 16in x 1.0 in (R Value 3 ~ 4) $49.95 retail *ASPEN AEROGEL is the warmest most insulative material on the planet. Developed in partnership with the NASA space program, Aspen Aerogel has been to the moon, continues to insulate space suits, and in only found in Pacific Outdoor Equipment sleeping pads.

Camping Сумки и рюкзаки: New Backcountry Compression Сумки и рюкзаки (PNEUMOS) have been revised for 2010 with slimmed down profiles, lighter weight fabrics and buckles, Laser cut and Welded construction, and the addition of windows and Ziplock™ closures on new styles.

Pneumo LTW - is the only welded, waterproof, lightweight compression Сумки и рюкзакиuitable for taking into the backcountry. Trimming the lash tabs, choosing a lighter buckle, and reducing the roll tape weight have dropped the weights of these bags so that they are similar to sewn and taped bags. However, the Pneumo LTW has a compression valve to keep the contents dry. A flared opening eases packing, and the new laser cut welded design increases product longevity. New 10 L size and all sizes are available in 4 colors! $14.95 to $34.95 retail (5L, 10L, 15L, 25L, 50L)

Pneumo Window - is the same best selling Pneumo compression dry bag with a large window that splits the front of the bag. Laser cut and welded in, this TPU window allows for easier organization within the dry bag, and visual assistance when looking for an essential piece of gear within the bag. Includes the New 10 L size and all sizes are available in four colors! $19.95 to $39.95 retail (5L, 10L, 15L, 25L, 50L)

Zip Pnuemo’s - are the next generation in waterproof design without a roll top. The tough Ziplock™ closure snaps shut when you slide your finger across the top, and is welded to a lightweight, air tight 33D nylon fabric. A welded window allows you to peer inside. Designed to reduce your dependence on single use “plastic bags,” Pneumo Zips come in four sizes in order to meet everyone’s needs: Pint, Quart, Gallon, and Jumbo. $7.95 to $19.95 retail Pnuemo Zip Map Case is made with a similar method of construction to the Zip Pnuemo with a tough Ziplock™ closure across the top, but utilizes a full size TPU window on top for easy map viewing. Four corner tabs serve as lash points, and waterproof welded seams are laser cut to reduce weight. One Size Fits all. $19.95 retail

Camping Accessories: Pillows have been updated with softer fabrics, new sizes, and still use our foam diamond punch outs and drilled snakes from sleeping pad weight reduction techniques.

New Deluxe Pillows are available in two new sizes and with a softer fabric on top. New fleece is hydrophobic and hypoallergenic. Stuffed with our remnant foam pieces from sleeping pad production, the self inflating foam cradles and supports your head. The foam has been treated with an anti-fungal agent, and the large pocket on the bottom allows for additional padding for a raised platform. Large and Regular sizes are sized for every sleeper’s needs. $15.95 to $19.95 retail New SI Pillow has been updated with a softer peached top fabric. Continuing with the same construction as the 2009 model, the SI Pillow packs down small and self inflates with a lightweight two-way plastic valve that faces away from where the sleeper lays. $23.95 retail

Camp Chairs have been improved and new designs have been developed to fit a wider range of folks. New Base Chair has been updated and now includes lash straps on the bottom for a more secure seat at the ball game or in a canoe. When not in use, these strap’s side release buckles hide under fabric garages on the back side; not on the bottom. With double the padding of the Easy Chair and side release buckles on the side adjustment straps, the package is a high quality chair at a great price. $29.95 retail New Wide Base Chair with all of the features and benefits of the Base chair, but at generous 20 inch width. Easy to adjust and light to carry, this camp chair is ideal for the park, outdoor concert, picnic, or on the boat fishing. $34.95 retail New Easy Chair with Patterns adds a fun element to this fan favorite chair. Already our top selling chair, this price point piece is now more playful. Using our colorful fabrics from our line of flamingos, we are choosing 4 styles to replace the top fabric of the Easy Chair. $29.95 retail

Водный Спорт Gear: Canoe portage packs, duffle bags, and day packs are all receiving a new brush of color. The new palette consists of browns, blacks, mustard, and reds. We are keeping forest green, but eliminating the grey accents across the line of products creating clean lines and emphasizing the simplicity of an award winning design. (Paddler Magazine 08’) Kayak bags are all receiving color updates. New Reds, Mustards and Raft Blue round out the series of bags designed exclusively for Sea Kayaking. Come by the P.O.E. Booth as Summer OR to see the new range.

Global Commute: The Bicycling Series of panniers and bags have had several updates and one new product. We have extended the line of LIGHTWEIGHT PANNIERS to include a set of LTW Rear Panniers. The NEW LTW Rear Panniers are made from our light and tough 50 DRS nylon, have a easy roll down closure, and are welded to be waterproof tight. All of our bike bags that mount the bike seats have switched to a lighter 210 denier nylon to decrease the weight or your load. Messenger Bags & Courier Bags are receiving color updates, and many of our best selling styles are adding Mustard and Red. Expedition Duffels will include two new sizes (small and medium) and are sized right for use as carryon baggage for world travelers looking for all weather protection.