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Sleeping Pad Technology


Below is a list of technologies that we use in our sleeping pad line.  Each icon and text description is linked a page that explains what each icon means and an indepth explanation of how this technology is used in the sleeping pad designs.


SEASON OF USE - the season for which the mattress was designed to be used



R-VALUE - a measure of thermal resistance that your mattress provides you, often used as a measure of insulation



FABRIC - our range of sleeping pads use a mix of different fabrics, click to learn more


BIO-MAPPED INSULATION - strategically designed to offer the most insulation where it is needed in order to match your body map


bluesign - a third party organization that measures the earth friendly steps and actions a company makes


PALM OIL - a petroleum substitute used in sleeping pad foam to reduce our carbon foot print and use a sustainable resource


RECYCLED P.E.T FABRIC - fabric made from 1 liter plastic bottles


RADIANT HEAT RETURN (RHR) - a reflective layer incorporated into a sleeping pad that reflects the radiant heat back towards the sleeper


SOFT TOUCH FABRIC - a fabric used on the top of our Adventurer Series of sleeping pads the removes the need for a sheet and has a peach fuzz soft finish


WEDGE CUT - a longitudinal cut that makes the head of the mattress thicker than the foot


WOMEN'S SPECIFIC - a mix of foam manipulation and other design features made specifically to complete a women's needs

ZERO LOFT - the lightest most insulating material on the planet

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - ever self inflating and air channel sleeping pads that we make includes a stuff sack, repair kit and wrap strap


KIDS SPECIFIC - features and dimensions that make these products Kids Specific


LASER CUT - fabric is cut with a laser