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Sleeping Pad Technology : Season of Use

Season of Use

T ≥ +35F

T ≥ +2C

T ≥ +15F

T ≥ -10C

T ≥ +0F

T ≥ -18C

-5F ≥ T

-15C ≥ T

Comfort Rating



Season of Use is a rating that we provide to better help you understand the kind of insulation that we have designed into our sleeping pads.  We use a range of foam manipulation techniques, styles of foams, methods of construction, synthetic insulations, and special materials that allow us to construct pads for all Seasons and environments. In North America, much like the rest of the world, each season has "seasonal" temperatures, and these are the references that we use when we state a season of use for a sleeping pad.  First and foremost, a mattress must insulate the sleeper from the ground, and providing adequate insulation is job number one.  Since we have asigned a season of use with each pad, you can be rest a assured that while camping in that season you will have the right amount of insulation between you and the ground.  Nevertheless, we caution you to always act with common sense and take stock of your entire sleep system.  The sleeping pad is only one component of the sleep system, and is as important to note as the clothes you sleep in, the bag or quilt you wrap around yourself, the shelter (or lack there of), and the ratio of calories you consume versus those expended.

Our Peak Series of sleeping pads includes our most high performing designs, as well as the warmest mattress we make; the Peak Oyl Elite Si.  The Peak Oyl Mountain Si Матрацы are great 4 season pads, and pack small enough, lighweight enough, for year round use.  The Peak Oyl Lite Si and Peak Elite AC are our best 3 season pads and offer industry leading warmth to weight ratios.

The Adventurer Series of Матрацы includes our most versatile pads.  The Adveturer Si pads are great for 4 season use, offer a more generous cut, and still pack down relatively small.  The Adventurer AC pads are warm air channel pads, with a relaxed mummy shape and plenty of insulation for 3 seaosn camping.

Classic Series sleeping pads are mostly designed for 3 season camping. They come in an Air Channel (AC) and Self Inflating (Si) style, are rectangular in shape, and are the perfect introductory pad for budget conscience folks.


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