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Bike Gear : LTW Rear Bike Pannier


Traveling light means so much more than just less or lightweight gear.   LTW is about packing down small, utilzing unique technologies to carry more efficiently, and incorporating ECO friendly materials.  So, travel light, nimble and friendly through the environment.

  • Roll top waterproof design to keep all your items dry and secure.
  • Superlight, durable 50 Denier Diamond Ripstop Recycled P.E.T fabric.
  • External Load control strap; helps reduce vibrations and helps distribute the weight properly to the rack.
  • internal storage compartments keep your gear organized and snug.
  • R&K twist hardware for easy on and off.


Mounting Instructions

Item No.
Size (in)
Size (cm)
Weight (oz)
Weight (g)
Volume (in^3)
Volume (L)
17 x 12 x 7
43 x 30 x 18
Chinese RedMint Green

LTW Rear Bike Pannier - Green
LTW Rear Bike Pannier - GreenLTW Rear Bike Pannier - Red