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Bike Gear : Tail-gaiter Bike Bag


Gear built for the long haul.  Bomber construction, rock solid performance, and laod contral are all aspects that define these products.  These bags have been there, done that, and are ready for more.

  • Roll top waterproof design to keep all your items dry and secure.
  • internal padded frame to support load.
  • 180 degrees of reflective strip for saftey identification on the road.
  • Durable, abrasion resistant 420D Thermal welded double coated Nylon.
  • Designed for BOB trailer, Carry freedom and other popular trailers.
Item No.
Size (in)
Size (cm)
Weight (oz)
Weight (g)
Volume (in^3)
Volume (L)
22 x 24 x 16
56 x 61 x 40.5
Stretch Limo



Tail-gaiter Bike Bag - Black
Tail-gaiter Bike Bag - BlackTail-gater with B.O.B Ibex trailerTail-gater OpenTail-gater Reflective Rear