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YogaSlackers - Sponsored Athlete

YogaSlackers - Sponsored Athlete

The nomadic trio, Sam Salwei, Jason Magness and Chelsey Gribbon, are the core of Team YogaSlackers. With their roots in climbing and yoga, they found a way to combine their love of expedition-style adventure and yoga practice.

The racing team, which also includes yogic athletes, Daniel Staudigel, Mark Lattanzi, Andy Magness, Paul Cassedy and Dan Norgard participates in several grueling adventure races each year. At first their penchant for stopping on a rain-slick mountain side to do yoga poses seemed odd. After they …

EOJ Review

I awoke before the sunlight and peaked my head out from under my quilt and tarp to see if anyone else was rustling about.  I heard a bit of snoring and pulled the quilt back over to block out what little light there was.  After a couple more hours of dreaming I was awaken by my travel mates packing up and getting started on the first morning of our tour.

Just a few weeks earlier I was standing on the concrete floor of the Sand's Convention Center having a conversation with Aaron James, Global Sales Manager at …

Jonathan Stoddard - Bike across the US

Biking across the U.S


Jonthan recently did a trip across the U.S using the Pacific Outdoor Equipment Rear Bike panniers.  Below is a little tid bit about Jonthan and the others that are involved with this group.  We cannot thank John and the crew for contacting us about their trip.  Please click on the photo to visit their blog directly and see the link under the photo for the direct review of the panniers.  Happy riding!

Jonathan Stoddard - Biking across the US.

Gallatin Valley Land Trust - Sponsored Organization

GVLT - Sponsored Organization

Gallatin Valley Land Trust - Southwest Montana (click on picture to view GVLT webpage)

Gallatin Valley Land Trust conserves southwest Montana’s heritage of open landscapes, working farms and ranches, healthy rivers, and wildlife habitat; and creates trails to connect people, communities and the land.

Since our founding in 1990 we have helped conserve more than 56 square miles of land in Gallatin Valley and the surrounding communities through partnerships with private landowners, sustaining stewardship of family lands using voluntary conservation agreements. Through …

Spire Climbing Center - Sponsored Organization

Spire Climbing Center - Sponsored OrganizationSpire Climbing Center - Sponsored Organization

Spire climbing center | Bozeman | MT | Sponsored Organization (click on photo to view Spire's webpage)

Spire Climbing Center opened its doors in December 2004. The center provides over 6000 sq. feet of state-of-the-art roped climbing and an additional 2200 sq. feet of bouldering. Spire welcomes all interested participants and is also a great place to gather for social events.  The building, constructed specifically for indoor …

Hyalite skiing at History Rock

Abbey Keene - Getting ready to head up Hisotry RockRyan Holm - Putting on my sweet new Black Diamond Skinsskinning up History RockHistory Rock on TrailMaking some turns down history rock meadow

History Rock | Hyalite | Bozeman | MT

Last weekend over the New Years break Abbey, Ari, and Myself (Ryan) headed up to a new …

Mountain High Freeride - Sponsored Organization

Mountain High Freeride - Sponsored Organization

Mountain High Freeride - Team (Click on picture to view MHF's webpage)

First of all we are beyond grateful for your support of Mountain High Freeride and the 2010 Alaska Team Trip. HereКјs a quick sum up of the past few months. After leaving Salt Lake City and the Outdoor Retailer we quickly bucked down and got geared up for our haul to Alaska! Having your verbal and tangible support made this possible for us. We had …

Four Corners School - Sponsored Organization

Four Corners School - Sponsored Organization

Four Corners School - Sponsored Organization (Click on picture to view Four Corners webpage)

Canyon Country Youth Corps (CCYC) is a program of the non-profit Four Corners School of Outdoor Education in Monticello Utah.  It’s focus is on youth in service to the outdoors who are16-23 years old. CCYC employs, educates, and promotes leadership skills for mostly at-risk, underprivileged, Navajo youth, who normally face barriers to gainful employment. CCYC works in partnership with ten area high schools …

Equinox Ski Challenge - Sponsored Organization

Equinox Ski Challenge - Sponsored Organization

Equinox Ski Challenge - Sponsored Organization (click on photo to view Equinox's blog page)

The Equinox Ski Challenge is  a 24hr Nordic ski race held in West Yellowstone, Montana each spring, and our mission is to promote community well being, camaraderie & compassion, and personal challenge.

Since 2007 the Equinox Ski Challenge has donated proceeds each year to the West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation and Manaia Youth Programs, two organizations that are helping kids in our communities live …

Earth Share Georgia - Sponsored Organization

EarthShare - Georgia - Sponsored Organization

EarthShare Georgia - Sponsored Organization (Click on photo to view EarthShare's webpage)

EarthShare of Georgia vision is working for the day when our air, land and water are clean, abundant and healthy.  Our mission is a nonprofit that raises funds through employee giving for more than 60 environmental member organizations dedicated to conserving and protecting our air, land and water.

EarthShare of Georgia was founded in 1993 by its member groups as the Environmental Fund for …

Charlie Townsend - Biking for food - Sponsored Organization

Charlie Townsend - Biking for Food - Sponsored Organization

Charlie Townsend - Biking for Food - Sponsored Organization (Click on picutre to view Charlie's blog)

Our food system has developed to a point where anything you want is available at any time of the year.  To accomplish this our food must travel thousands of miles across our vast country (and around the world).  To say this is a caloric-net-loss is an understatement.  To better understand the distance our food travels consider that the average meal in America …

Sam Magro - Sponsored Photographer

Sam Magro - Sponsored Photographer

Sam Magro Photography (click on picture to view Sam's blog)

I have long since loved getting out in to the elements. I started with swinging in trees as a kid and now swing on ropes and climb on glorious granite walls, steep pocketed limestone faces, and wild pieces of frozen water. I prefer long days in the mountains or on vertical faces covering as much ground as possible in as little time as possible. Climbing for me is a …

Phillip Schaal - Sponsored Athlete

phillip Schaal - Sponsored athlete

Phillip Schaal – Professional Climber (click on photo to view phillip's blog)

I’ve been climbing for half my life and I am obsessed with the lifestyle. Climbing a long traditional route with a 6 hour approach or a roadside boulder that will challenge the limits of my strength, I enjoy every aspect of climbing.  I just live to climb!

There is nothing better to complement climbing than traveling.  I’ve spent the last years traveling as much as I can. I …

Laura Loretz - Sponsored Athlete

Laura Loretz - Sponsored Athlete

Laura Loretz – Adventure Cyclists / Mountain Whitewater Descents (Click on picture to view Laura's blog page)

This past summer I convinced a friend of mine to join me in exploring the American Northwest. Hoping to keep with the idea of traveling with the environment in a sustainable way, we planned a self supported bicycle tour. With the help of a travel grant provided by Mountain Whitewater Descents (Fort Collins, CO) and a pro-deal purchase for some amazing panniers from Pacific …

Kyle Christenson - Sponsored Athlete

Kyle Christenson - Sponsored Athlete

Kyle Christenson - Outdoor Specialist (Click on picture to view Kyle's webpage)

As a fellow industry professional working in sales and design at Mystery Ranch Backpacks, I recognize, demand really, a quality product designed to work in extreme environments. In April of 2010 Pacific Outdoor supported our latest endeavor, a ski expedition to the Fair-weather Range of Southeast Alaska. This journey led us into the rugged mountains at the tip of Glacier Bay, unique for their heavy maritime-weather, large braided glaciers, steep …