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Good Gear = Less Waste

Making good gear that lasts does more than just assure you that your equipment will perform for you when you want or need it the most. It also reduces our personal foot print and makes us a less conspicuous consumer.

Every item that we use in our daily and/ or recreational lives has an embodied energy. This is the energy required to create that item and get it to the point of first use.

Durable good gear makes this embodied energy investment go longer. So when you study products that are “environmentally sensitive” remember to look at its durability — which isn’t purely a function of the raw materials that go into it, rather it is also a function of how the item is put together.

With this in mind, we over build, for longevity, to help keep our gear in the outdoors, out of the landfills, and our energy and resource use to a minimum.

It’s all about being a better big-blue citizen.